Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Home Painting: What You can Look for in a Professional Finishing Company

Home painting is among the most common of ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) activities. But the fact of the matter is that the quality and durability of the finish of an amateur painter can rarely match that of a professional painting company.

And to be honest, who wants to go through the pain of post-painting cleanup? The easy way-out for you is to leave the job to such a company. Should that be your choice, you need to know what essentials to look for which would ensure that you employ the right people for the right job. And here are listed those essentials:

Color expertise

If you intend changing the color of a room, you need to be sure of what the new color scheme will look like. It will be too late and rather painful to recognize a mistake after the job is done. A professional painting service will be able to provide you with the guidance and support you need to choose the correct color palette for the room.


It’s one thing that anyone can apply a dash of paint to a wall. But applying it correctly to bring the walls back to life is entirely another matter. A professional knows for certain what needs to be done to produce the best results, and how to go about it.


Knowing what paint is to be used on what surface, and what mix will get the desired shade and judging how many coats are needed to get the right finish are all things that come from experience and specialized knowledge. These are areas where an amateur can easily make mistakes, which become apparent only when the paint is dry. By then it’s too late to do anything about it, except start all over again.

Preparing the surface

Before painting is begun, the surface has to be prepared properly. Without this essential initial step, the finish and durability of the paint will suffer. Experts know very well how to clean the surfaces, and fill holes and cracks, what amount of sanding is required, what type and amount of primer needs to be used and how to carry out all these essentials.

Lead abatement

If your home was last painted in 1978 or earlier, it is possible that the old paint might be lead-based. These old paint coats might peel, chip or crack now, releasing lead into your home environment, which is hazardous to every occupant of the home. Small kids are at the risk of greater exposure to lead-poisoning as they tend to lick, bite and chew anything unobserved.

A professional paint company, unlike an amateur, will be able to test for lead in the old paint. If found, they will deal with the problem efficiently, following all safety measures. They will ensure that nobody suffers from this hazard and your family is kept safe.

Using the right tools and paint

Cost does not always ensure matching degree of quality. Knowing what type of paint will achieve the best and the longest lasting finish means that the most expensive paint may not be required for the job. Using the right types of brushes, rollers and other tools will ensure the best results. This is something that a professional knows how to achieve.

Cleaning Up

Minimizing the mess and doing a complete post-painting cleanup is an integral part of a painting company’s job. This ensures that your newly painted home looks clean at its best.

When choosing a paining company, check its qualifications, skills, experience and its references. If you are satisfied, ask them whether they will be able to commit themselves to all of the above services and benefits; better avoid companies that are unwilling to. Otherwise, bad painting done will remind you every day of the wrong choice of a company and the mistakes that were made.

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